Thursday, August 12th is "Middle Child Day." and where a person falls in the family order can have a big effect on their personality and their role in your relationship There are three children in my family and I'm the oldest.

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Here is the way that I like to tell the story. Before my mom had kids, she wasn't sure how many children she wanted. After I was born, she wanted to have at least five more because kids are awesome.

Then she had my sister, Michelle and my mom thought, "well mistakes happen and I  can do better next time." Yes, I'm surprised that my sister EVER talks to me...EVER.

Then my mother had her third child, Jeff and she decided that she better stop while she was ahead. By the way, I don't tell that story anymore...until now.

What Your Family Order Says About You

Now that I've told my story, here is what the author of "Birth Order Blues" had to say.

Firstborn: You are a dependable, conscientious, and caring person. (so far so good) You can rely on them for logical advice and support. I am supportive but I'm not so sure about the logical advice part.

Middle Child: They have a way of getting along with anyone. They pay attention to your feelings and are super thoughtful. Those are qualities that my sister has and now I feel really bad for always picking on her.

The Baby: The last of the litter tends to be loving, outgoing, and a charmer. They are good storytellers and great at parties. Those are qualities that my brother, Jeff possesses. He's always at ease around people (MUCH better than me) and he's the kind of person that you want to hang out with. He's a charmer for sure but in a good way.

An Only Child: They are a person that will be driven and totally devoted to you. The downside is that they never had to share their parents' love and attention or possessions with other siblings. This could leave them self-centered and possessive of their belongings.

I would say this is very close to my family. How about yours?

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