I didn't really know this was a thing but it's apparently true...I'm talking about "Middle Child Syndrome." In fact, studies have been done on the science behind Middle Child Syndrome.

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When I saw the study, it looks like the middle child gets the bum rap. It was kind of depressing and since I don't want to ruin the day for my middle child sister Michelle or my middle child daughter, Riley, I won't get in to the details here.

At least they get there own day on August 12th. It began in 1986  as a way to celebrate the siblings that feel left out and gives them their own day. This year it falls on a Friday, so to all the middle siblings out there, SALUTE!

In 1964, Alfred Adler had a theory on the importance of the birth order and how it affected your personality. Adler is a scientist and trying to read his theory left me dazed and confused.

Thankfully Meri Wallace wrote a book called "Birth Order Blues" and what he put it in ways that I can understand. I have two siblings Michelle and Jeff and I'm the oldest of us all. Let's see if what Wallace has to say holds up for our family.

What Your Family Birth Order Says About Your Personality

First born (that's me) - "You are dependable, conscientious and caring person. You can rely on them for logical advice and support." If your coming to me for support, then I'm your guy. If you want logical advice, then do the opposite of what I tell you.

I think that I'm dependable and caring but not positive about the conscientious part. I have a tendency to live in my own world...which is okay because they know me there.

Middle Child (Michelle) - "They have a way of getting along with anyone. They pay attention to your feelings and are super thoughtful." That is definitely my sister and now I feel a little bad

Youngest Child (Jeff) - " The last of the litter tends to be loving, outgoing and a charmer. They are good storytellers and great at parties." That is Jeff to a T. He's more at ease around people then me and he's a great person to have in your life. He's charming but in a good way.

Only Child - "They are driven and totally devoted. The downside is that they never had to share their parents' love, attention or possessions with other siblings. This might leave them self-centered and possessive of their belongings.

I would say this is close to my family. How about your siblings?

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