People are always trying to invent new ways to keep exercising new and exciting.  Take it from me, it can be a challenge keeping a three or four week program fresh.  I see people in the gym who have done the same routine year after year and wonder why they don't get any results.  The truth is, your muscles get bored and sometimes you have to fool your brain and body by mixing it up every now and then.

When I lived on the west side of Binghamton, I would often see mothers and fathers running with their kids in strollers.  I think this is an awesome way to keep your commitment to work out and it shows your kids the importance of a healthy lifestyle and keeping in shape with exercise.  It certainly doesn't leave a bad message like laying on a couch all day watching TV.

Check out this video of a dedicated Dad who puts a different spin on a push up by exercising with his kids.  It just so happens this guy was about to leave for the Navy for three months so he wanted to exercise with his kids.  Watch...

There's anther way to keep your exercise program fresh.  Join us for the Hot Cross Run in Binghamton, Saturday June 18th from 10am-3pm at Otsiningo Park in Binghamton.  The day is non-competitive and perfect to share with your friends, family and co-workers.  Join a team and enjoy a 15 minute Hot Yoga session, 15 minute Crossfit routine, and a two-mile run.

To sign up for the Hot Cross Run in Binghamton, click HERE.  Proceeds go to help STAP here in Binghamton.