I LOVE breakfast foods. Honestly if I could eat them for every single meal, I would. I love the melty cheese, inside a bacon and mushroom omelette. I love the questionable diner coffee that never seems to be empty. I could never imagine skipping breakfast. Researchers are now saying that if you do, you could be at a greater risk for heart disease and other conditions.

The people at Tufts University are saying not only should you always eat breakfast, you should eat a whole bunch of it. The research shows that middle-aged adults who regularly skip breakfast are more likely to suffer from clogged arteries and other heart related issues as compared to those who enjoy a nice large morning meal!

According to the research, skipping breakfast makes it harder to control our hunger throughout the day. This can lead to having that extra cake in the breakroom or grabbing another quick slice of pizza.

My advice to you is to make breakfast the night before, or on Sunday. Eggs and breakfast meats actually microwave pretty well. I really only cook for myself so I prepare a whole bunch of food ahead of time, and have learned the breakfast type foods hold up well.

So, go ahead and have a nice feast at 6am, it could save your life!

[via UPI]

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