There's nothing quite like a great local diner experience. I don't think I've ever had a bad experience at a diner. Sure, once in a while an item may not make it on my plate, most likely because I mumble according to my wife. I can hear exactly what comes out of my mouth. Although people do ask me often to repeat what I just said, so maybe there is some validity to it.

My wife and I try to make it to a local diner at least once a week, mostly on the weekend for breakfast, and if we go out for dinner, while we do enjoy the many great area restaurants, we love going to our local diners, and there are many in the greater  Binghamton area. Never encountered anything less than a friendly staff and diner food is what I love best anyway.

The Southern Tier of New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania is full of great diners, and in the past, I've highlighted some in the Binghamton area, but have not mentioned some that I have visited on the way or near to my campground in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

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There are two main ways I can take to get to camp. One via Pennsylvania Avenue through Apalachin and another through Route 187 in Nichols, both obviously heading south into Pennsylvania. I pass a few great diners in each area.

So, below I've listed some local diners I pass or visit on the way to camp and ones that are close to my campground that we enjoy having a great diner experience. I may have missed or am not aware of others through these areas, so let me know f you know of any.

And if you are near any of these diners in the future, check them out. I think you will enjoy the food and atmosphere, not far from the Binghamton area.

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