Today is Earth Day and this year's theme is "End Plastic Pollution." They want you to reduce the amount of plastic that you use and to change our attitudes about plastics.

My daughter, Tara, is continuing her tradition of picking up the trash by our house on River Road. She'll walk up to the Elementary School and back and pick up the garbage. I think it's great that her school is giving her the day off for this. Alright, it's part of their Spring Break but it's great anyway.

She actually does this several times a year but she officially starts it on Earth Day. For her, it's like the tradition of changing your batteries in your smoke detector when you change the clocks.

It's the 49th year for Earth Day and the sixth year for Tara's tradition. She cares about the Earth and she loves to do her part in our area and sometimes she'll even find something of value, usually 5 cent returnable cans but it all adds up.

I'm so proud of everything that she does and that she wants to make it a difference in our area. Now if I could only get her to clean her room.

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