Last year was the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and like everything else from 2020, it didn't go as planned and many of the celebrations were held virtually. Things are starting to become normal again but some things remain the same as the 2021 Earth Fest at SUNY Broome has been canceled for the second straight year.

One thing that I noticed during the pause last year was that more people were walking around town so that could be good for the heart and the earth. A study from the New York Post showed the environmental benefits of working from home and the positive impact that it could have.

A Way To Celebrate Earth Day

My daughter, Tara has been celebrating Earth Day in her own way for the past eight years and she plans to continue the tradition again this year. She told me that it gives her a good reason to take the dog for a walk and clean up the area at the same time.

She takes a plastic bag with her while walking the dog around the area and picks up any trash she sees. She gets some exercise for her and the dog and cleans up our area at the same time.

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She also finds 5 cent returnable treasures along her travels, so she helps her pocketbook too. I'm so proud of everything that she does and she likes to make a difference in our area. Now if I can only get her to clean up her room.

By the way, there will be an Earth Day live event at 12 p.m. today and you can watch it here.

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