Not only does Domino's deliver pizza, but they want to fix the roads they use for delivery. This is serious. A pizza company wants to fix OUR pothole problem.

We need to band together and nominate Broome County towns, cities, hamlets, villages, etc.

Domino's Pizza is coming to the rescue. They want to eliminate the frustration and agony of potholes on your commute. Their new viral marketing campaign, Paving for Pizza, is letting customers nominate where they live for funds in order to fix potholes. Selected towns and cities will receive extra funds from Domino's in order to complete pothole repairs.

Domino's wants to make delivery and pick-up less of a hassle, and fixing potholes is the perfect way to do this.

To nominate where you live, follow these instructions:

Scroll down the page until you see "Your Town Could Be Next."

Click on "Nominate Your Town"

Enter your zip code and email, and you're done!

If your town is selected Domino's will notify you and coordinate pothole repair with your local municipality. This campaign has already been tested in a few towns across America to great success.

Nominate your town by clicking here. 

[via Delish]

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