The 96th Academy Awards is this Sunday, and the team at decided to find out which US states have scored the most Best Actor/Actress in a Leading Role awards throughout its history. They looked up where each winner was born and counted all the awards they won.

That's the same way they used to figure out the number of nominees this year. .No surprise that California, home of Hollywood and the most populous state in the US, takes the top spot. They've had 11 Best Actress in a Leading Role awards and 14 for actors, giving them a grand total of 25 wins.

New York isn't too far behind in second place, with 22 awards. Most of these winners were born in the the Big Apple, with 18 out of the 22 coming from New York City. John Fonda and Barbra Streisand, two repeat winners, also call New York City home.

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Actors take up 14 of the awards, while actresses have scored 8. With that being said, both California and New York have been left out of the running for the Best Actor/Actress in a Leading Role awards this year. Better luck next time!

Pennsylvania takes the third spot with 7 awards. Just like New York, most of the nominees are from Philadelphia, with 5 out of the 7 winners born in the city of brotherly love.

Ironically, the Keystone State is the state that has the most nominations. Bradley Cooper (Maestro) and Colman Domingo (Rustin) are both in the running for the Best Actor in a Leading Role award. Go Pennsylvania

Sharing the fourth spot are three states: Illinois, New Jersey, and Texas. They've each had 6 winners who have taken home the Best Actor/Actress in a Leading Role awards. A special shoutout goes to Frances McDormand, who makes up half of Illinois' total wins with three Best Leading Actress awards.

When it comes to international records, the United Kingdom takes the top spot with 34 Leading Actor/Actress awards. London has produced more winners (16) than any state in the US, except for California and New York.

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