According to AAA, travel this Memorial Day weekend will be at a record low because of the coronavirus pandemic. So it looks like you'll be spending time at home but what will you do?  There aren't the usual Memorial Day Weekend parades because of COVID-19.

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Here's an idea: National Taffy Day is this Saturday, May 23rd and your family could make some taffy. If that sounds like fun and not an ooey-gooey mess, go here for the recipe.

Townsquare Media is going to celebrate National Taffy Day a day early by taking taffy and sweet treats to our Southern Tier Health Care Providers, read about it here.

Now when I think of taffy, I think of Laffy Taffy. For one, it's a fun word to say, try it. Laffy Taffy...Laffy Taffy...Laffy Taffy. I'm not laughing you are. Speaking of laughs, when I think of Laffy Taffy, I think about their jokes on their wrappers.

So in honor of National Taffy Day, here are some of my favorite Laffy Taffy jokes:

Why did the cookie go to the doctor? Because he was feeling crummy.

I may have laughed a little too hard at this one:

Why did the basketball player bring a duck to the game? He wanted to shoot a foul shot.

The best part about this next joke? I have a new joke for Christmas.

What do you get when you cross a pig with a Christmas Tree? A porcupine.

Okay, this time I'm laughing too. Happy Taffy Day ya'll.

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