So National Daughter's Day was on Friday, September 25th but ask any parent and they'll tell you that every day could be National Daughter's (and Son's) Day. I'm extremely proud of both of them.

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Tara is not only handling a full school schedule and dance but she's also working part-time at Price Chopper in Chenango Bridge. Recently, she was asked to wear a Cookie Monster costume at her work, and without hesitation, she said "yes."

It was to promote their buy one, get one free cookie special. She won the best selling Cookie Monster contest and won a really great prize. She's a natural but she's been doing the costume thing her whole life...whether she wanted to or not.

I'm also very proud of Riley. She's currently working at Aldi's on Upper Front Street and is also a very hard worker. She received the very first-ever "Employee of the Month" at that location.

I think one of the reasons that she won that illustrious award is because of her work in the parking lot. She's had to count the people to make sure that not too many were in the store at a time and (surprise surprise) not everyone was nice to her when they weren't let in.

Here's the best part: SHE NEVER COMPLAINS and just a reminder: It's her job so please be kind to her and all the other employees. 

There is actually a lot that you can tell by a person by the way they treat people...and their shopping cart. What? Their shopping cart. I call it "shopping cart character." Character is what you do when no one is watching and that can apply to your shopping cart too.

Returning a shopping cart is easy and the right thing to do. It's not illegal to abandon your shopping cart, so when you return it, it takes time of your day and you get nothing in return. SHOPPING CART CHARACTER!

I know there are exceptions to every rule and that is true here too. You might have to leave the cart because you have kids in the car or you have to use the bathroom and you want to use the one at home.

I believe that my kids have shopping cart character and they show it in so many ways. Do you have shopping cart character and how can you show it today.

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