I think that there's pretty much nothing more attractive than a well-groomed man. I'm not talking about a man who's completely clean shaven with Ken doll hair. I like a little scruff, but I'm talking about a man who cares enough about himself to wear clean clothes, shower and groom his scruff. Oh, and the way a man smells is really important, too. I like a man who can have calloused hands from hard work, but who smells like he grabbed a bar of soap and went to town cleaning himself.

But maybe that's just me.

We're only into the second week of 2017, and already the fashion trends are all over the place, but this latest trend just confuses me. I can't figure out why any man would want to take part in this trend.

The latest fashion trend for guys is to have a dirty face and oily skin. In other words, the "I've not showered in a week" look. Apparently, the look is all about having dirty and greasy hair and oily skin and it fashion "experts" say it looks super amazing because it gives the look of someone who worked hard all day and partied most of the night. Some guys are going so far as to put dark makeup on their cheeks to make it look like smeared dirt.

I think this is an insult to hardworking guys who get dirt on their faces the old-fashioned way- through hard work. And, have you ever smelled greasy hair? It's definitely high on my list of the top 10 worst smells in the world. This is one fashion trend I just can't wrap my head around.

[via Mashable]

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