One in ten men in New York says that they would GIVE UP their firstborn if it meant that they could have superpowers. Wait. Hold on just one second. Is this for real?

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I've sometimes found myself thinking how handy teleportation would be not only in situations where I've found myself in a time crunch and need to be somewhere quickly but also with the insane gas price situation. If teleportation were a thing, we would have so much more time to spend on things we love in life. Like sleep, reading, or snuggling with our kids.

Looks like I'm right on par with other New Yorkers because Translmpact conducted a fun survey in which they asked people in each state which superpower they would love to have if they could have just one and in New York, the overwhelming response was teleportation.

Teleportation is actually a really desired superpower 23 states picked it as the superpower they really wish they had. The other 20 states involved in the survey picked a different superpower and when I saw what it was, I immediately regretted my first choice and wanted to change it to match theirs - Healing Ability, or the power to heal oneself and others.

While most people, 80 percent, said that they'd use their newfound superpowers for good, one in five people says that they'd use it for a mix of good and bad things. Gen Zers are the most naughty of the bunch with 47 percent saying they'd use their powers to steal money, cheat on tests, etc.

And the whole thing about giving up a firstborn child? Unfortunately, it's true. 2.3 out of every ten men surveyed said they'd definitely trade their kid for superpowers. Embarrassing and, really sad.


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