It's hard to believe that a little over a week ago, we saw Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin (#3) collapse after having a cardiac arrest. As we watched the players reaction and the ambulance slowly leaving Cincinnati Stadium, we thought that we would never see Hamlin alive again.

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We said that it would take prayer and a miracle for him to ever regain consciousness and to live a normal life. Pardon the expression but God said "Hold my beer" and He showed us what he can do.

Damar Hamlin's Timeline For The Last Nine Days

Hamlin spent a week at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. During those seven days so much happened. We couldn't believe it when he awoke and wrote to his doctors "Who won the game" and they replied, "You did, you won the game of life."

We were astonished when we heard that Hamlin FaceTimed his teammates during one of their meetings. On Sunday, we were left teary eyed when Nyheim Hine took the opening kickoff 96 yards to the house for a touchdown.

It was the first time in 3 years and 3 months since the last Buffalo Bills kickoff return for a TD. Then in the 3rd quarter, Hines did it again and we thought for sure that there would be a 3rd return for the score.  New England made sure that didn't happen by kicking the football out of bounds.

The mighty man upstairs continued his miracle magic and Hamlin was in stable condition was he was flown to Buffalo. He was admitted to Buffalo General Medical Center and ONLY TWO DAYS LATER, Hamlin has been discharged from the hospital.

Buffalo Bills Tweet About Damar Hamlin

From having the breathing tube removed, talking with family members and taking assisted walks. To live-tweeting during the Buffalo game and being discharged from the hospital, it's been a remarkable journey for Hamlin and a wonderful ride for us.

We learned a lot about ourselves and maybe like the Grinch, we found out that our hearts can grow after all. It's amazing to me how something that felt evil turned out to be so good. I think I remember reading something to that effect somewhere.

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