If you're an NFL fan (and who isn't), the excitement is in the air as training camp is underway for your favorite team. The first game of the year is happening tonight when the New York Jets take on the Cleveland Browns in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game beginning at 8 p.m.

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This will be the second time that the Jets will play in Canton and the first time since 1992. If you were hoping to get your first look at Aaron Rogers as a J E T S, jets jets jets, you'll have to wait because he won't be taking any snaps tonight.

I'm a Washington Redskins (I mean, Commandos...sorry, Commanders) fan. I'm happy that the team could be going in the right direction with a new ownership group that includes NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson.

So who are you a fan of? If you're a Buffalo Bills fan (and I know many of you are), have you been supporting the team this offseason? I imagine that you have and if you did then you're in good company.

Are Buffalo Bills Fans The Most Supportive Of Their Team?

Betway (a gambling website) found out that the most supportive NFL fanbase during the offseason isn't Kansas City but the Buffalo Bills. They took the top spot out of all of the other NFL teams with an impressive supporter score of 59.43 out of 100.

Why did they do so well? One of the reasons is that Bills fans are crazy...crazy like jumping and smashing tables in the Highmark Stadium parking lot before the game. Another reason is that the Bills' official social media accounts have increased by 45% between February and September 2022.

During the offseason, people searched for the Bill on Google with a staggering 1.5 million searches. That makes them the fourth most searched team and I'm not surprised with all the work they do in the community. It also doesn't hurt that they are looking for their third consecutive AFC East Title

Before the season starts for real on Thursday, September 7th (when the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs play host to the Detroit Lions), every fan has hope that this is THERE YEAR!

So how supportive of your favorite team were you during the offseason? See how your favorite team ranked here. It's hard to argue that Buffalo has the craziest fans, see for yourself below.

13 Pictures That Show Just How Crazy and Loyal Buffalo Bills Fans Are

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Stacker delved into the story behind every NFL football team name. Overall team records, also included, are reflective of NFL regular-season games. There are some football teams with well-known nicknames—the Jets, for instance, are often referred to as Gang Green—but we also divulge how some teams’ official names are sparingly used (the Jets’ neighbors, the Giants, are actually known as the New York Football Giants). Sometimes a team name can tell you a lot about local history: The Vikings of Minnesota draw upon the area’s strong ties to Scandinavia, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are dripping in local legend related to Florida’s pirate past.

Let’s kick off the countdown with the folks who earned their nickname by buying boxes of used team jerseys.


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