The Buffalo Bills story for the last week sounds more like a movie then real life. By now, everyone has heard the story about Damar Hamlin and his cardiac arrest in the first quarter of their Monday night game against Cincinnati and what we really saw that night.

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Players, fans, even the commentators all said a prayer for that young man. Many people (including myself) didn't think he was going to make it past that night when the ambulance slowly left the stadium.

He woke up and asked who won the game and the doctors responded with "You did, you won the game of life." Since then he's FaceTimed his teammates and #3 has even left Cincinnati and returned to Buffalo. If that was the end of it all, that would be enough but the Godwinks continue for Bill Nation.

Damar Hamlin's Response To Kickoff TD

The love for #3 (Hamlin's number) was everywhere on Sunday when the Bills returned to action for the first time since the action. Like a play out of the movies, Buffalo Bills Nyheim Hine took the opening kickoff 96 yards to the house.

It was the team's first kickoff run back for a score in 3 years and 3 months. Then in the 3rd quarter, Hine returned another kickoff 101 yards for a touchdown. I thought for sure that there would be a 3rd kickoff for a TD but New England kicked the ball out of bounds.

Hamlin even responded with "God Is behind all of this no coincidence." There have been some detractors behind his comment but I don't mind a discussion like that...there are MUCH worse things to talk about.

Check out what happened before the Jacksonville/Tennessee game on Sunday.

Jacksonville vs Tennessee Pre-Game

Stephanie Borowicz
Stephanie Borowicz

I haven't even mentioned John Brown, the wide receiver that came back to Buffalo after basically retiring from the NFL because of injuries. He caught a TD pass in the New England game and instead of keeping it, he gave it to the trainer responsible for saving Hamlin's life.

It seems to have caught least for now. How long will this feeling last? No one else really knows for sure but it's been a refreshing thing to witness. Buffalo is showing us onway that we could save our nation.

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