Here's more proof that parents will do anything to save their kids' lives.  Literally, anything. There's a 45 year old total Hardcore of a man living in Brooklyn, New York named Sergey Gnatovskiy.  His 23-year-old son Maykl is a heroin addict who recently got out of rehab and seemed to be clean.

But last Wednesday, Sergey figured out his son was relapsing when he found his stash.  So Sergey decided there was only one way to scare him straight. He did ALL of the heroin himself and intentionally overdosing.

When Makyl got home, he saw his dad passed out, almost dead, he realized what his father done.  He performed CPR and used a nasal spray to revive his dad. Which is something his dad had done to revive him four times in the past.

Sergey got medical attention, and he says he felt okay the next day, but most importantly, the message got through. Makyl says it scared him straight and now he's back in rehab.



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