During National School Bus Safety Week, Broome County officials are announcing that they have written up 362 violations for drivers illegally passing stopped school buses since the new Stop-Arm Camera program started at the beginning of the school year.

In a news release from the County Executive’s office, officials called the program “extremely successful in catching drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses.

The Office of Emergency Services has recently posted examples online of what new liability notices sent out to offenders look like.

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Broome County is also posting a monthly tally of violations at gobroomecounty.com.

In 2019, The Broome County Legislature passed a local law allowing school districts to rig bus stop arms with cameras that captures video of vehicles that pass the bus while the lights are activated and stop arm extended.  The camera takes video showing the license plate of the vehicle and a ticket is then automatically mailed to the driver to whom the vehicle is registered.

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Fines start at 250 dollars for a first offense. A second offence in 18 months is a $275 ticket and the fine for a third offense in 18 months is $300.

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