I'm not how this conversation started but I definitely want to weigh in on this awesome topic. It was a conversation about the places that have the best cashiers, waiters, and waitresses.

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Everyone is stressed and on edge and I imagine that it's tough for them to keep a smile on your face when you have to cover it with a mask for hours on end. I applaud all of you as you tackle this tough job.

I may be a little bias...ok, A LOT bias but my favorite cashiers are Tara at Price Chopper in Chenango Bridge and Riley at Aldis on Upper Front St. If those two names sound familiar it's because they are my daughters.

I've been told by people that I trust that they both have smiles on their faces while they are working and make their day better. I also want to give a shout-out to Braedyn at Burger King on Upper Front Street for her great work. She's my niece so I may be biased there too.

Ok, let's try some non-relative cashiers/waiters/waitresses in the Southern Tier. Here are a few and they are not in any order that I call "Glenn's Picks."

My Top Non-Relative Cashier/Waiter/Waitress in the Southern Tier

Candy and Keith from Mirabito Convenience Store in Chenango Bridge.

Nattie from Village Diner, Floral Avenue in Johnson City.

Sara from Coppertop Tavern, in the University Plaza in Binghamton.

So what about you? We asked you, the 98.1 The Hawk audience to weigh in here, and below are the one's we've picked to feature. Kudos to all of our customer service workers. You are appreciated for everything that you do and your work is being noticed.

ORDER UP! The Southern Tier's Favorite Cashiers and Waiters

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