Even though things are opening up, many people are still feeling lonely. Loneliness is all it's cracked up to be and you can take it from a person that couldn't go outside. I'm talking about NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly.

He spent 340 days in space and had plenty of time to think about loneliness. So here is his advice to conquer loneliness.

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Advice on Loneliness

Keep a journal: He advises that you use it as a way to write down how you're feeling that day. I like to write about what's bothering me at the time and that way when I look back, I'll realize how I got through it.

It also helps me to realize that what I thought was the end of the world, turned out not to be nearly as big as I imagined. Sometimes I had forgotten about that event completely until I went back and read it again.

Stick to a schedule: By having a daily routine, it gives you a sense of purpose. and helps to focus on the task at hand. Having something to look forward to, helps from a mental health point of view.

Understand that it will be over someday: Kelly said that this may be our reality now but as we continue to get our freedoms back, the ability to choose is going to be an incredible experience.

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I find that if I keep a vertical view of life instead of a horizontal one, it helps when things feel helpless. If you can find a group that you have something in common with, that'll go a long way too.  Find people that share the same passion as you, whether it's bowling, a Bible-believing church, or baking.

It just takes that first step to start a rewarding journey and leave the road of loneliness in your rearview mirror. You can catch the rest of NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly's advice here.

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