Last week, I had a conversation with a friend and she was telling me that there were many things that she didn't feel like doing "now" because of the coronavirus pandemic. One of the things that she didn't feel like doing "now" was to sing. She's an awesome singer and I asked: "Why?"

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Her answer was that she just wasn't feeling it. My suggestion was to sing it until you feel it. Speaking of singing and feeling, I saw this on Friday and it made my whole week. Eight schools including Chenango Valley participated in a group sing of "Bridge Over Troubled Water." I was really feeling it when I found out that my daughter, Tara was participating.

I'm so proud of so many things that my daughter is doing and this is right up there with them. I asked her what the weirdest part was and she replied that having to sing the song by herself without the melody or people was a little strange.

This was the brainchild of Union Endicott choral director, Joe Brainard and it began as a class project. It was expanded to include other schools after the world came to a pause in March and around 50 students participated.

By the way, Tara is the one in the top left-hand corner next to the Chenango Valley emblem. She's the one wearing the colorful bandanna and equally colorful background. She was also interviewed by WBNG TV-12 and she did a great job...not that I'm biased.

I'm so happy for all the students that had a chance to participate and we hope that there is more. Enjoy this awesome performance by these talented children. Who do you recognize?

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