It’s about that time, Binghamton! Get ready for a whole lot of monster truck action happening this weekend

Tickets are available at the Broome County Fairgrounds before the show. Gates open at 5pm on August 29th. Come enjoy trucks, quads, and motorcycle racing!

This event is rain or shine, so get ready to get wild!

Never been to a monster truck rally? No problem! Here are five things you can expect.

  • 1

    Ear Plugs Anyone?

    It’s going to get loud. You can bet the trucks and the fans will be going wild and making plenty of noise.

  • 2

    Smash It!

    Something is going to get smashed. Or run over. Or burned. On purpose!

  • 3

    Let Loose

    It’s going to be wild and crazy. Between the stunts and the crowd, get ready to let loose and enjoy.

  • 4

    Flying High

    Trucks will fly. No, really! Some of these things get over 30 ft. in the air!

  • 5

    Battle of the Trucks

    Racing, traditional and freestyle, drivers will be pitted against each other to get to that finish line in the most awesome way possible.

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