As long as there has been High Schools, kids have been pulling pranks. They want to do just enough to have some fun but not too much that you get in serious trouble with the law.

That is exactly what happened for one Upstate New York teen. A 17-year-old student at Baker High School in Baldwinsville learned a lesson the hard way after being arrested for a stunt he attempted last month.

The prank involved the student sending a fax to the school, pretending to be the principal. The fax stated that the principal was announcing his resignation. I'm sure in the student's head that it sounded harmless but the prankster made a huge mistake that led to his downfall.

The kid accidentally left his cell number on the cover sheet of the fax, this let  the authorities know who it was that was doing the pranking. If that wasn't bad enough, the student also made fake school email accounts.

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He used these accounts to send the fake fax and tried to get another student into trouble, along with attempting to get private information about another student. All of those were also unsuccessful.

The consequences for his actions were severe with the kid being charged with two counts of criminal impersonation. Senior prank season is coming up and silly pranks are fine.

Let this be a good reminder that if you’re going to pull a prank, find a way to have fun without causing harm or breaking the law. Don't let the end of your high school career be memorable for all the wrong reasons...or you could end up getting arrested instead of getting your diploma.

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