After Covid happened, kids were forced to stay at home and get their schooling through zoom and parents saw what was being taught to their children. They decided they wanted better for their kids and looked into homeschooling.


However, many parents didn't know where to start. In New York, there is a resource where parents can find out about the state requirements and programs for nonpublic schools. It's called the Manual for New Administrators of Nonpublic Schools.

This is where the parents can find out about the compulsory attendance law in New York State. It states that all kids between the ages of six and sixteen have to be given some form of instruction. It can happen in a public school or somewhere else. The is to make sure the kids don't miss out on their education.

If a child goes to a nonpublic school or is being taught at home, the board of education in that school district needs to make sure that their education is on track with what's being taught in public schools.

The school board doesn't directly control nonpublic schools, but they have to make sure that the education is "substantially equivalent" to what's happening in public schools. If a nonpublic school is officially recognized by the Board of Regents, or if it's a registered secondary school, the school board usually accepts it as proof that the schools meet the requirements.

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Questions can come up about the quality of education in the nonpublic schools. The school district's superintendent can have an informal discussion with the nonpublic (homeschool) school. There's also an Office of Nonpublic Schools that can provide guidance on the quality of the instruction.

As far as the length of the school day and year, homeschool schools aren't held to specific times like public schools. However, they should provide instruction for around the same amount of time as a traditional school. Grades 1-6 might have a 5-hour daily schedule, while grades 9-12 might have 5 ½ hours.

So are you if thinking about homeschooling and are curious about the state requirements for nonpublic schools in New York? You find out more on homeschooling and what New York requires here.

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