Craigslist, like it or not, really can be a good place to to turn your trash in to cash.  If you're thinking about selling it at a garage sale or even giving it away, you really should try Craigslist first to see if you get any takers.  Hey, it's free to list and Craigslist Binghamton is always a popular place to seek out things at a fair price.

Here are the Top 5 I have had luck with and I recommend you try to sell through Craigslist:

  1. Electronics -  I recently sold some big bulky speakers and an old turn table on Craigslist and had a lot of calls.  Vinyl record albums are in again so there was a big interest in the turn table.  My speakers were in great condition so they sold fast.
  2. Cars - I sold my car with no problem and made a lot more money than trading it in to a local dealer.  It's important to include the car history when you have interested parties coming to look at your vehicle and always check the Kelley Blue Book price before listing.
  3. Home Appliances -  Everyone is trading their old TV's in for the flat screens.  Let's face it, those thicker, bulkier TV's outlast today's big screens but that doesn't mean they aren't wanted.  If you have an extra TV sitting around and it's in good shape, you might as well sell it.
  4. Home Appliances -  There's nothing worse than having a refrigerator, washing machine or dryer go kaput on you.  People look for a good price on home appliances.  I know I have a brand new Kenmore stove/range that has never been taken out of the box that I bought with my credit card rewards.  Craigslist is a good place to list.
  5. Furniture -  As long as it's in good shape, people do look to Craigslist for dressers, bed frames and chairs.  We all know the markup on furniture these days so this is a good place to make some ka-ching.

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