Sometimes we take advantage of the simple fact that we have family when there are some people who don't.  A Colorado woman is the perfect example. She posted a heartbreaking ad on Craigslist looking for a family to rent for her birthday.

19-year-old Natalie Carson grew up in the foster care system and never had a real family of her own. Her ad reads:

Hi! I am currently a young female college student looking to rent a family that I can spend time with on my birthday in a few weeks. I aged out of foster care and since I was never adopted, I don't have a family to spend holidays or my birthdays with. I was placed in foster care after being severely abused by my parents, so spending time with my biological parents is not an option. I am not a weirdo or anything. I was just inspired by another girl that rented a family from craigslist in California for the holidays. I just want one day that I can feel important and special, and like I matter, even if I really don't. I have never had a good birthday so I figure why not this birthday. I am NOT looking for any monetary support, as I also work. I can pay $8 an hour. Please no replies that are sexually suggestive because I will not answer. Thanks in advance!

Natalie says she just wants a better birthday than the ones she’s had in the past. "It's something that I've never really had. Of course, I've had birthdays, but they haven't been good," she said. "Usually, every birthday is really painful and hard."

The good news is that several families have reached out to Natalie and she’s been in contact with one family in particular about her big day.

This breaks my heart. If I lived closer, Natalie wouldn't have to pay my family a cent to spent time with her. It would be my honor to help her celebrate and we would welcome her with open arms.

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