Group texting might seem like a convenient way to communicate with a bunch of people all at the same time, but can we admit already that we really just shouldn't?

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We surveyed our listeners in New York about their feelings on group texting and the response was overwhelmingly negative. Not only are New Yorkers speaking up and saying that they wish people would completely stop group texting but experts are now also saying that group texting should be avoided whenever possible.

Before you send out a group text, there are some important things you should consider.

Group Texting = Lack of Privacy

One of the biggest issues with group texting is that it creates a privacy issue, especially if people on the list don't know each other well or at all. When people send messages to groups, they might not know who can see and read the messages which can turn really messy when conversations take a personal turn or when sensitive information like phone numbers or addresses are shared.

Group Texting = Constant Notifications

Another thing that New Yorkers say they loathe about group texting is the non-stop notifications. When people are added to a group chat, they can receive an overwhelming amount of notifications as each person sends a message. This is so disruptive to people who have their phones on while at work, in class, or while trying to sleep.

Group Texting = Annoying Reply All

One of the most irritating aspects of group texting is the "Reply All" feature. When people receive messages in a group chat, they often don't realize that they can reply to just the sender and not the whole group which means a barrage of unnecessary messages flooding everyone's inbox.

Group Texting = Creating Unnecessary Drama

Group texting has a tendency to create unnecessary drama. Even a simple misunderstanding between two people in a group chat can quickly escalate into uncomfortable situations. Misinterpretation of tone or lack of clarity in messaging can lead to disagreements and conflicts and nobody has time for that.

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