Let me just tell you that I'm convinced that treasure hunting is in my blood. No, really, my family shopped at thrift stores long before Macklemore made it cool and we didn't shop there because it was the trendy thing to do (because at the time it wasn't), but because we were pretty poor. We also went out the night before trash day in search of treasures that we could upcycle which has apparently become a thing that "hipsters" do these days.

Although we've grown up and my siblings and I earn enough for a living that we don't have to, we still shop at thrift stores. Let me tell you what, I've found some of the most amazing things by treasure hunting. For instance, I found all of these old school Fisher Prize toys for my son. These aren't the new Fisher-Price toys, either. These are from when I was little, some 30 years ago when things were made to last. My hope is to be able to hold on to them after John has outgrown them and save them for any future kids he might have.

There's something I love more than buying treasures, and that's getting them for free. And so, I'm always scouring Binghamton Craigslist to see if I can find any interesting and free treasures. These are the top five free finds that I discovered.

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    Blue With White Lace Shirt

    Think of all the things you could do with this shirt! You could pair it with a cute skirt and pair of cowboy boots and hit the dance floor at Touch of Texas. Or, you could use it as a Halloween costume. Or, you could make a straw scarecrow lady and dress her up in this top. The possibilities are endless.

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    Bin of Christmas Stuff

    If you're always on the hunt for Christmas stuff that you can use for crafts with the kids, or for adding to your stash, this is perfect and free! Have enough decorations? Take the bin! Those suckers are expensive, so you'll be saving a cool $10 or so!

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    If you've got a playroom or maybe a man cave in the garage and are looking for a place to have a seat, this will do the trick! And, it's actually not a horrific couch, but it's not so fancy that you'd kick yourself if they kids spilled juice on it or one of your buddies got dirt from their shoes on it.

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    Kenmore Dryer

    If tinkering is something you love to do then this would be the perfect project and who knows? Maybe you could gift it to someone who's down on their luck and would really appreciate a dryer. The only thing wrong with this is that there's no heat, but the person offering it for free thinks it can be easily fixed. If you're not into tinkering, there's always metal scrapping...

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