Since launching the PaintCare program a little over a year ago in New York state, over  700,000 gallons of leftover paint that likely otherwise would have ended up in someone’s garage, basement, or improperly disposed of in the trash have been collected.

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PaintCare is a statewide leftover paint stewardship initiative that was launched in May of 2022 where drop-off locations are established for consumers to safely dispose of unwanted paint.

In a statement, Andrew Radin, New York Program Manager of PaintCare said, “New Yorkers across the state are discovering how easy it is to recycle their leftover paint through the new PaintCare program.”

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Currently, the PaintCare program has more than 285 partner locations where residents can drop off the paint they no longer need so that it can be responsibly recycled and its much easier for New Yorkers to properly dispose of their unwanted paint as more than 90 percent of New Yorkers live within 15 miles of a PaintCare drop off location.

For anyone who has large amounts of paint they no longer want, PaintCare now offers free direct pickups to businesses, organizations, and households with at least 100 gallons of leftover paint.

In order for paint to be accepted at a PaintCare drop-off location, it must be in its original container with its original manufacturer’s label. PaintCare does not accept containers that are leaking, empty, or unlabeled.

Learn more about the PaintCare program in New York and find your nearest drop-off location here.

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