The dedication and determination of hunters is no joke. I don’t hunt but I respect those who we do and who are so passionate about it.

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I know nothing about hunting, so I won't pretend that I do. I mean, I went hunting once and believe it or not, it was a blind date - wasn't that a surprise!

My friends and his friends both thought we'd be great together (boy were they wrong!) and so we were set up on a blind date and everything went downhill from there. He picked me up in his truck and I was told to wear clothes that could get dirty. I thought maybe we were going mudding- which I love to do. Nope.

He drove me to the middle of the woods, told me to get out of the truck, walked to the back, and opened it up. That's when I saw the collection of guns. I thought I was a dead woman. No exaggeration.

After unloading the guns, he told me we were going to hunt on our date. Um, okay. Except that it wasn't okay. I am and always have been incapable of sitting still, not wiggling, and most of all, being quiet. Not only did I fail in the hunting department, but the blind dated failed miserably, too.

That was the one and only time I ever went hunting. But, if you hunt regularly and are looking for a hunting cabin, there's one in Owego that you might be interested in and it's free.

I found the listing for the cabin under the free section of the Binghamton Craigslist and while it looks like this structure could use some work (like a lot) and I'm not sure how exactly you'd go about moving it, but I imagine if you really want it, you'll get creative.

Check Out This FREE Hunting Cabin in Owego


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