Oh how the idea wheels are turning inside my head. If I had an extra $225,000 laying around, I’d be all over this.

I stumbled on an ad on Craigslist and from everything I can tell, it’s a legit posting. The city of Seneca, California is up for grabs at the cost of $225,000. Seneca is a ghost town, but it’s got a liquor license, which is half the battle.

Here’s what the post says:

Want to buy a ghost town with a bar and liquor license? Expand it into a unique getaway! Perhaps the most remote "restaurant" in Northern California. 9.8 acres. The property includes the "town" and the bar and 3 small rundown cabins and the acreage.

The Feather River runs right through this beautiful and remote property.

The liquor license alone is a valuable asset, as there aren't many liquor licenses in this county. There are no utilities and there was no business activity at the bar this past season. A generator is required to provide power. The bar is called "the Gin Mill," but that is just its name.

Due to internet reports, this ad is getting some interest. I note that the town is extremely remote and access is weather dependent.

Note: the cabin, barn and other more modern structures nearby which are in good condition are NOT part of the property. Do not trespass.

If you visit the area at this time of year be sure to travel with winter weather equipment. It is on a dirt road that is often unplowed. A local resident has occasionally done some plowing. There are extreme drop-offs and it is one of the most extreme roads in the region. Be very careful!

This deal includes the bar and 3 cabins in states of (dis)repair.

We are interested in selling for health reasons. (The area isn't suitable for anyone in shaky health.)

Would you do it if you had the money? Would you be up for the adventure of buying a real life ghost town? I would!

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