People ask me if Glenn is really as strange in private as he is in public and the answer is "oh, you have NO idea."

All morning, and I mean ALL morning, Glenn has been laughing like a crazy person and talking about aliens and something or other blowing up and bad commercials for albums and...I don't know.  I see the words coming out of his mouth and hear the laughter, but he might as well be speaking a foreign language to me.

You know what it's like when someone thinks something is hilarious but you don't and all you can do is just look at them blankly while they laugh?  This pretty much sums up my morning. Before you click the link and watch the video- I DO know who Slim Whitman was and I DO think he was awesome.  I just don't understand why this particular thing is so funny to Glenn.

Yes, I've heard of Slim Whitman (who sadly passed away yesterday) and agree that he was talented and funny, but I don't understand why there's such an eruption of laughter coming from Glenn this morning.