Can Your Pet Do Tricks
Today is “Take Your Pet to Work Day” and each of our beloved companions have their own unique personality, check out the video of what my pet can do.
Jay’s Monday Jams
We've got that summertime vibe and new music feeling. It's Monday so here is my weekly playlist and why I cried during a concert.
Jay’s Monday Jams
Country music is seeing a GIANT blast of new music overt the last week. June 8th brings new Dierks Bentley and new Sugarland, and this past Friday brought us some new Luke Combs and FGL. Here's my weekly playlist.
Jay’s Monday Jams
We are just a few days away from the unofficial kickoff to the summer. The cars are being gassed up, the bags are being packed, and the perfect summer playlist is being made. Let me help you with that perfect list.
Trent Harmon has gone from winning American Idol to releasing his debut album in just …
Jay’s Monday Jams (A Day Late)
Once again I am a day late, and about two bucks short. Yesterday, I drove a race car and didn't have time to give you my jams. More on the race car soon. Here is my weekly playlist though!
Jay’s Monday Jams
Just a few weeks away from Memorial Day Weekend and a few days removed from Cinco De Mayo, you are going to need some new music to get you through the week. Here are the songs I'm listening to, and you should too.
Jay’s Monday Jams
The nice weather is coming. It's April 30th and that means it's going to be May! The summer weather is on its way, and it's time to roll the windows down and turn up The Hawk. Here's my playlist for the week!
Jay’s Monday Jams
The weather FINALLY is looking up. I've got a little sunburn on my nose from hanging in the sun, and its bittersweet. Summer means concerts and new country music, so here are some jams to kick off the week and nice weather.
Classic TV Themes Get Guitar Remix
The YouTube channel Beyond the Guitar has plenty of classical guitar covers of video games, classic movies, and a whole bunch of pop culture I can't recognize, but this video caught my eye. All your favorite TV theme songs remixed!

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