Sometimes life happens and so do unfortunate things. Sometimes people are forced to become homeless (and other times the consciously decide to) and aren't able to stay in touch with family and friends. Well, a new social media campaign is underway to help homeless people by reconnecting them with long-lost relatives and friends and it's is working.

The idea is simple. Homeless people are approached with a video camera and asked to send a message to whomever they wish. That video is then posted on social media with the hope that the message will reach the intended recipient. The mastermind behind this idea is a man named Kevin Adler who hit the streets of San Francisco and asked homeless people if they'd like to record a message for someone. Adler says, "There is almost always at least one person who they would like to get back in touch with or say hi to."

A man named Jeffrey Gottshall sent a message to his father, sister, niece and nephew across the country in the small town of Montoursville, Pennsylvania. Adler contacted the local police department there who then shared the video on their Facebook page. Almost immediately, people in the small town recognized him and got in touch with his sister Jennifer Gottshall-Gavitt who recorded a video back asking her brother to come home to get the help he needs. Adler has since raised more than $3000 to pay for his relocation.