This is the story of two Hawk listeners and how they left their family and friends speechless by doing something very unique on their wedding day. 

They say that if it’s meant to be it will and that’s the truth for Mitchel and Tiffany Quail of Lisle. Mitchel and Tiffany met back in high school, went their separate ways and then reunited just over 3 years ago. They fell in love and the weekend before Valentine’s Day, Mitchel asked Tiffany to marry him.

Mitchel and Tiffany were going to wait to get married until next year, but Mitchel’s mom Lena Quail was re-diagnosed with breast cancer after 16 years in remission, so Mitchel and Tiffany figured there was no better time than now to get married.

Mitchel and Tiffany were married on Saturday June 1, 2013 at Lapeer Church in front of their parents, his brother, their closest friends and children and then went to his family’s pond for the reception.

What happened next wasn’t planned out months in advance.  It was actually thought of by Mitchel and Tiffany the night before their wedding and it will go down infamy with their friends. 

 Here’s how they made their grand entrance as husband and wife: