It might be Labor Day, but it's still Good News Monday and I've got an incredible story to share with you about random acts of kindness.

In 2007, a guy named Armand Young decided that he was going to give away all of his money and every single thing that he owned and lace up his sneakers and walk across the company to inspire people to commit one million acts of kindness.

Armand carries a pole with several American flags on it and asks everyone who signs his flag to commit one act of random kindness within 24 hours in honor of fallen soldiers and victims of 9//11.  Have chills yet?

Armand has spent a total of 22 months walking and made it to New York City in 2010.  Right now he’s in Pennsylvania and on his way back to California and so far has collected 549,000 signatures.

Armand says he’s on a mission to change the world in whatever small way he can and even though he has no money he’s always had a place to sleep thanks to the goodness of others and he’s never had to go without food.

Now, that’s some Good News Monday news!