It’s Good News Monday and we’re about to save you a fortune!

The next time you’re buying wine and have to choose between a good looking, moderately-priced bottle of wine and the two-gallon jug that costs $9 go for the cheap stuff. There's no reason not to.

Studies have shown that unless you're a seasoned wine expert, in a blind taste test, most people can't tell the difference.  In fact, more people prefer the taste of the cheaper wines. The main reason we praise more expensive wines is a psychological trick that tells us we're supposed to.

Ernest Gallo- who was one of the pioneers of cheap wine in America-used to do a test where he'd have people try two glasses of wine.  He told them one wine cost 5 cents and the other cost 10 cents.

People always said they preferred the more expensive wine. The only problem? Both glasses actually contained the exact same thing.