Uh, oh! Baby does NOT like avocado.

It’s Monday and you know what that means…we want to hear about something good that’s recently happened in your life!

My good news is that I had  a chance to check out the Dick's Sporting Good for the first time. And I got a picture of something I never thought I'd get a picture of...me and Glenn together. At a golf event. Crazy, right?!?

On Sunday, I had a nice surprise visit from my brother Jeff, sister in law Ashley and nephews Kayden and Oliver who were in town from Albany. Since Oliver is at that age where he's slowly being given real food, I had the chance to feed him his first taste of avocado. I know, it's mean, but I can't help but laugh every time I watch this.  Oliver does NOT like avocado, but he quickly forgave me and when I showed him this video, he giggled too!

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