Conversations with 4-year-olds are fun, but even more so when they're tired!

It’s Monday and you know what that means…we want to hear about something good that’s recently happened in your life!

My good news is that I got to spend time this weekend with my entire family.  There are 7 of us kids, so it's hard to get all of us together, but this weekend I enjoyed quality time with every one of my siblings, as well as with my parents.

I spent Saturday night with my sister Beth and taped my niece being adorable:

And yesterday, my brother Jeff and sister-in-law Ashley visited with my nephew Oliver, who's started crawling!

I played cops and robbers:

Had a sleep over with my niece:

My little brother Charlie caught his first fish and my sister Beth explained how to clean it (I didn't enjoy that part so much):

My sisters and I bonded over pedicures:

Apparently the girls in my family all have ticklish left feet because all four of us lost it when we the nail techs touched our right feet. Here are Sarah and Kayleigh's reactions:

I got my Mom to sit still enough for a picture with me (this is rare!):

Caught up with my Dad before he got too tired and had to lay down (Dad has cancer and it takes a lot out of him):

Enjoyed dinner with my brother Brian and his girlfriend Meghan:

And then when I got home Sunday, my brother Jeff and sister-in-law Ashley stopped by with my nephew Oliver:

It was such a nice weekend!

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