In our quest to cover the good news on this Good News Monday, I’ve found an amazing story of a little girl who didn’t think twice and saved the life of a newborn baby.

Last Thursday, there was a really bad apartment fire in Decatur, Georgia that left five people injured.  The good news is that nobody was killed.  The even better news is that a 10 year old girl named Zna Gresham played a big part in that.

Apparently, the fire started in an apartment while someone was cooking and Zna was able to get out safely, but a family on the second floor couldn’t because smoke had already filled their hallway.

So the only option the parents had was to run to a window and toss their kids down, hoping someone would catch them.  One of the kids was two and the other was three and the crowd outside didn’t catch either of them (neither were seriously injured), but the third child was a newborn and Zna was alert enough to catch the baby.

“I caught the newborn baby from falling, before it hit the ground,” Zna told Channel 2 Action News. She went on to explain, "in our family we take care of our neighbors no matter what."