Easter is Sunday and if you've run out of fun ideas to get your family involved in the festivities, why not give them their own Easter bunny name for the day?

You could give each person in your family their very own Easter bunny name and then call them by that name for the whole day. Maybe even make a contest out of it- the person who's able to call others by their bunny name for the whole day win an extra chocolate bar- or something along those lines.

Sure, the kids will probably groan and roll their eyes, but after a while, you know they'll start having fun with it because that's what they always do whenever you introduce something they think is cheesy...until they realize that it isn't and that it's actually very fun.

So, what would your Easter bunny name be? My name would be "Jelly Beans Floppy Ears." That's a mouthful!

Traci Taylor