When we think over-the-top light displays, we usually associate somebody going all Clark Griswold on their house, I mean, have you seen the video of that house that synched all of their Christmas lights to "Christmas Eve Sarajevo" by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra?

Synching lights and doing over the top displays are pretty much a thing...for Christmas, but we don't see it as often for Halloween and I think that's what makes them stand out that much more.

I’ve seen several Halloween light displays through the years, but this one from 2011 is still my favorite of all time. The video starts slow and then four jack-o-lantern faces light up on the front of the house, and sing the song "This Is Halloween" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

But, wait, there's more!  These are five more of my favorite Halloween light show videos and they were all shared on YouTube by someone with the username, 'KJ92508.' Whoever this person is, they've got some intense talent!

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    Jump Around

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    Disney's The Haunted Mansion

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