Is there such a thing as a Halloween joke? You bet there is.  In fact, here's the best of the worst 'family-friendly' Halloween jokes...

Why do witches wear name tags?   So, they would know "which witch is which!”

What's a zombie's favorite cold breakfast cereal?   Rice Creepies.

Why did the headless horseman go into business?   He wanted to get ahead in life.

What do you call the architectural plan of a haunted house?   A boo print.

What is a vampires favourite type of ship? A blood vessel.

Why did the mummy call the doctor? Because her baby was coffin.

Are you ready for the #1 worst Halloween joke? 

What do you say to a fishermen say on Halloween? "Trick-or-trout!"

I hope I didn't provide material for the Hawk Morning Show.

...Would love to hear your bad Halloween joke.  Feel free to share one below.