The flu virus is on the rise and it seems like flu season started earlier this year. It usually doesn't peak until February. I know several high schools in our area that had to postpone their basketball games because of all the student-athletes that were ill.

Even if it isn't the flu, you may be suffering from flu-like symptoms. Either way, you feel miserable. Go here to see the differences between the flu and flu-like symptoms and how to treat it.

Did you know that your Fitbit might also be able to help detect the flu? It has to do with your heart rate and how your heart could be warning you that you might be getting sick. Go here to find out how. If all else fails, take a trip to see your doctor.

Here's something else that you can try when you're not feeling right. Maybe it's a headache that just isn't going away. Aspirin and Tylenol don't seem to be doing the trick, so what do you do next?

Try a pencil. This is more for stress headaches but it could help. Did you know that when you feel anxious, you subconsciously clench your jaw or teeth?

Put a pencil between your teeth...but don't bite. This will relax your jaw muscle and prevent the headache. It could also stop you from eating, so it can help you lose weight too. BONUS!

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