We are one week away from Christmas and we should be feeling joy and taking time to reflect. Let's be honest, the last thing that we really want to do is reflect on 2020, we just want it to go away.

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The coronavirus pandemic numbers go up and then throw in a historic December storm. 20 inches of snow was predicted but because it's 2020, let's add another 20 inches or more. So now our stress level is really going up. Can it get any worse?

Well possibly because today (December 18th) is considered the peak for holiday stress because it hits us that Christmas is almost here and it's only one week away. We realize our holiday shopping isn't done and we can't get together with our families this year. Zoom get-together is possible but it's not the same.

So what can we do to ease all the stress that we're feeling? My suggestion is a prayer to whoever you believe in. I know I was doing plenty of praying on my way to work yesterday with all that snow.

Here some other ways to relieve your stress and help you get through the holidays and beyond.

You've got some extra time at home so clean out your clutter. Being surrounded by too much stuff can stress you out. You could put on Facebook that you'll be away for the weekend and leaving your doors unlocked. Someone may stop by and de-clutter it for you but you'll have a different kind of stress.

Drink orange juice: Vitamin C can help manage stress and since your working remotely at home because of the pandemic or snow, add vodka for more stress relief.

Finally, make a list. If you write things down, it doesn't feel so overwhelming. I know for me, if I write it down then I don't have to remember it all and have it hanging over my head.

Also instead of doing something productive, I'll make up a list that people will assume was carefully researched. I feel less stressed already.

In all seriousness, you can go here to find more stress-busting pick-me-ups. You can also check out the six silly snowstorm memes below, it gave me a chuckle.

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