Christmas, holiday shopping and time with family. It's supposed to bring us joy and time to reflect but let's be honest, it's also a time of stress. In fact, today (December 18th) is considered the peak for holiday stress because that's when it really hits us that Christmas is almost here and it's only one week away.

We want stress relief, so what to do we do? Here are some suggestions from WebMD...and my thoughts.

Pet your dog: If you don't have a dog, then pet your neighbor. I didn't say these were all good ways to find relief.

Clean out your clutter: They say being surrounded by too much stuff can stress you out. I say, go on vacation and put on facebook that your leaving the doors unlocked, someone else will de-clutter it for you...of course that causes a different kind of stress.

Talk a walk: Exercise releases endorphins.  If you take a long enough walk, you'll de-stress your co-workers and spouse too.

Drink orange juice: Vitamin C can help manage stress...Add vodka for even MORE stress relief.

Make a list. If you write things down, it doesn't feel so overwhelming.  Instead of doing something productive, make up a silly list that people will assume was carefully researched.

Hey, it worked. I feel less stress already knowing that I'm done with this list of stress relief!

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