Broome County Executive Jason Garnar says he continues to be concerned about the pressure on area hospitals with the growing number of cases of COVID-19 and with people moving indoors for the colder weather that could perpetuate even more new cases.

Garnar on October 21 announced 112 new cases and says the County is now approaching 400 deaths in the on-going pandemic with a woman in her 90s passing away this week bringing the Broome’s pandemic morbidity to 399.

The County is reporting 765 active COVID cases and 79 people are hospitalized.

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A large number of new coronavirus infections in Broome County is being noted in children not yet eligible to get the vaccine.  The County Executive says 22-percent of new cases are children under 17 but the larger share is in people who can prevent getting sick and spreading the virus by getting vaccinated. The Democrat says 55 percent of new infections are people under the age of 40.   

The Broome County Office for Aging is helping to get people to COVID vaccination and booster clinics.  Anyone in need of transportation can call (607) 778-1083.

Getty Images/ Medioimages/photodisc
Getty Images/ Medioimages/photodisc

Garnar says people should do what they can to keep from ending up in the packed hospitals.  In addition to getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and practicing safety measures like distancing when you can, wearing masks inside when you can’t “social distance”, washing hands and staying home if you are sick, residents should get the seasonal flu shot to try to keep the number of people who get sick and need hospitalization due to influenza down.

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