So this morning (12/12), we were talking about my cell phone. For whatever reason on Saturday, my phone decided that it would send texts but not receive them. I want to thank everyone for their help. Speaking of cell phones.

There is a new study that says your cell phone is 18 times dirtier than a public toilet. Ewwwww!  Here's what I think about that.

It gives me an idea for a new promotional cell phone campaign.....Can you smell me now?

I could invent a Port a Potty that makes phone calls, play games and takes pictures. It was weird, when my phone wouldn't send texts, we had to communicate the old fashion On 2nd thought, taking pictures in a Port a Potty does NOT sound like a good idea.

I have a question. If I'm using the phone while in a stall and the guy in the next stall accidentally gets my shoes wet, can I get a roaming charge?

Now I know why the guy from Tech Support told me to "try jiggling it " when I called about my phone. So if you see me wiping my phone cell with toilet paper, you'll know why.

[via Fox]