President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court of the United States on July 9th. It looked like he was going to be confirmed when a last minute accusation by Christine Blasey Ford brought everything to a halt.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Kavanaugh by a 11-10 vote but the final confirmation vote was put off for a week so that the FBI could look into the allegations. The vote is finally supposed to take place tomorrow, Friday, October 5th or Saturday, October 6th but I wouldn't be surprised if something else comes up at the last minute again.

So how will it end?  It may not end well but if there is ANY chance, it'll have to start with forgiveness.

So how do we forgive? Are you wasting your time and life with unforgiveness? If you are, then my next question is: How's that working out for you?

Many times we don't forgive because we are keeping score. We carry unforgiveness around with us, waiting to get even and make them pay. I've done that and all I did was waste today's time with yesterdays problem.

It's amazing, we keep it around like a pet that keeps biting us. Unforgiveness doesn't accomplish much good and usually destroys the person that's not doing the forgiving...That's you.

It's not easy and I don't claim to have the answers. You see, I like to keep unforgiveness around to keep me company when I just want to be bitter about what's going on around me. You know, someone to blame.

I've been forgiven, then I should forgive as well. Besides it gets too heavy for me to carry around all the time. If you are having a problem forgiving, here's where I like to go.

I hope it can help you too.

[via Andy Stanley]