Judging by recent posts on social media by my friends, it seems that there's been a big crackdown on drivers in and around Binghamton within the last week or so. And we're not talking about being pulled over because of speeding or tailgating. We're talking about being pulled over because of license plate and window tint issues.

Did you know that you might be breaking New York license plate and car window law without even realizing it? License plate holders are illegal in the state of New York IF any part of the plate covers any letter or number.

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That's right- it’s illegal to have a plate holder on your car if it obstructs the state portion that says New York and is also illegal if it blocks any number on the plate, or is covered by plastic. You can even be given a ticket if your car has a plate holder put on by a dealership and it even slightly covers a teeny tiny part of a letter or word. So if you look at the plate holder above, you'll see that it would be considered illegal in New York because a portion of the C, l, i, f and r in "California" is covered by the plate.

Also illegal in New York are stickers on the back of your car like the ones with the stick figure family or the stickers that tout what college you went to. Placing anything 'other than those authorized by the commissioner' on the back windshield of your car can land you in trouble with the law.

Not buying it? Read the law for yourself, you'll find it in Sub-paragraph '(i)' of Paragraph '(b)' of Subsection '(1)' of Section 375 of New York's Vehicle and Traffic Law. The law is very clear: "[t]he use or placing of posters or stickers on . . . rear windows of motor vehicles is . . . prohibited."

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